About Project Pi

We provide secure and reliable access to blockchain networks

Project Pi is a Hybrid Node-as-a-Service (hNaaS) platform, providing instant API access to full nodes across multiple blockchains.

Instant Access

Our blockchain RPC services are at your fingertips

Pay as you Go

Access to seamless and easy payment options.

Secure and Scalable

Trusted and reliable blockchain infrastructure that you can count on.

Our Mission

We are building the future of blockchain infrastructure, making it easy for everyone to experience the freedom and security of decentralized technology.

We offer a decentralized, cost-effective solution in contrast to conventional centralized node providers. Our Hybrid Node-as-a-Service (hNaaS) operates on a peer-to-peer network of compact devices, acting as local blockchain access points. Through a hybrid strategy, RPC requests are delivered utilizing a blend of cloud assets and strategically positioned standalone computers across diverse regions. This arrangement delivers a robust and scalable infrastructure, indispensable for Web3 developers.

Integrating Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) into our platform, we're transforming how users engage in staking. LSD enables staking of assets with retained liquidity, removing major barriers of traditional staking. This innovation allows anyone to become a validator without resource lock-up, broadening access and enhancing inclusivity in the staking process. Our approach creates a flexible, inclusive staking environment, benefiting a wider audience in the decentralized economy.

The Blockchain Access Trifecta for Every Need.

Dedicated Nodes

Private Hosted Nodes.

Physical Nodes

Plug-and-Play Physical Nodes.